How to Make a PPI Claim If you are Unable to Find the Policy Number?

There are many people still trying to find ways to get the money they lose due to PPI back. The main reason why most of the people are not able to go ahead and file for the claim is because they have lost the policy number.


However, that is not a big problem as the same can be gotten from the bank along with the other details. When you make a request with the bank and ask them refurnish the documents related to the PPI that was sold or rather mis-sold to you, they are obligated to provide with you all the relevant details, including policy number.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to find the policy number and move forward with making your PPI claim –

  • The first thing you need to do is to check if you have any old paperwork, which has the policy number written on it. A lot of time the bank statement shows the policy number under the monthly debit side.
  • If the above do not work, you can call the lender and ask them for the policy number. If you say that you need the policy number of personal reasons, they should oblige.
  • Another method is to pay a small fee under data access and ask the bank to disclose all the paperwork for the policy. This will help the customer get the actual paperwork that was signed during the agreement.
  • If these do not work, one can take the help of the many PPI claims companies out there who can assist you in finding your policy number if you have lost it.

By following these few steps you would be able to get the policy number of your PPI back, and if you want you can also visit to get all the details you are looking for. It would make things much more clearly for you and ensure that you are able to file for claim without any hesitation. It is your right to get your money back, so start today.