Scaffold Boards: Some Good- Some Bad

Here is the major question before the house of common sense. If you work in the construction industry and your boss wants you to do some repairs 40 feet above the ground and to do that you must walk on a scaffold board that is 2″X10″X16′ made of wood that has been exposed to the weather for who knows how long, are you going to think about it or do it?

Scaffold boards are big business in the economy simply because they are a necessary product. Scaffold boards usually come three ways: aluminium, steel and the usual suspect: wood. These boards can also be purchased used but that might be risky if the wood scaffold has been expose to the outdoor elements on a regular basis.

Why Scaffolding Boards Are Best In The Workplace!

Studies have proven and concluded that work on a scaffold takes up to 50 percent longer when work is down at ground level. Studies also say that the production will decrease more than 50 percent when the scaffolds used are hazardous, unsure and “bouncy” meaning that the plank may and usually does cause the worker to feel uncertain about the next few steps he may take. However, if the planks are pinned, each step the worker takes will feel the same which, in turn, provides confidence, safety, as well as putting a smile on the face of the worker.

Scaffold Boards Have More Uses!

In some places not only can the scaffold be used for the purpose it was designed for, a scaffold board can be just what you need as an excellent thermal insulation or a storage platform. These boards come in various sizes: 13 feet, 10 feet, 8 feet, 6 feet and even 5 feet. Note: they are easily installed, too.

Wood Plank Headaches!

Some scaffold board companies have solved the problem of wood planks by simply locking several components together with pins and Rhino Skin Sealant. It will eliminate all the plant headache of the following troublemakers:

  • No more end splitting
  • No more cupping
  • No more warping of the wood
  • No more delaminating
  • No more soaking up water
  • No more excessive drying out
  • No more chemical damage
  • No more inconsistent walkway deflection

Note: When you eliminate scaffold board problems the easy way as noted above which all lead to short plank life and spending more money, you create a decent investment.