Achieve quality control in manufacturing process with SPC training

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a method which helps you to achieve quality control in the field of manufacturing processes. This method uses statistics like mean, median, mode and standard deviations to find whether process is under control. The SPC training would help use this method and will help control and monitor the manufacturing process and will ensure whether it is functioning at its full potential. An efficient manufacturing processing would produce quality products which would meet the customer’s requirements. As the SPC method is applied to the manufacturing processes, it can also be applied equally with other process. With the help of the statistical tools, the person in the manufacturing line will discover an important change which has been made in the manufacturing of a product. The person can also will be able to recognize the problems and find solutions to solve them.

Key factors for implementation of SPC

Our SPC training would help to effectively apply SPC methods in an organization. There are some essential componentswhich would make the SPC successful and those are:

  • Management Issues: With our SPC training course you would get total management support and necessary resources for training and educations. You would get a follow up of the training time to time.
  • Statistical Skills: Our training would provide statistical stability, calculations of manufacturing control, selection of control charts and purpose of sample and sub group size.
  • Engineering Skills:This training would help you understand the key benefits from the applications of SPC. It also helps in process prioritization and understanding the process parameters and learn how to measure them.

Prepare with our Agile management training

Agile is a new form of training which was introduced by the businesses to help a better delivery of products in markets, which are flexible and stable. There were some traditional methods to do the same, but this have proven to be the most efficient management system. We provide the Agile management training to a team of employees to succeed in their projects. This training would help you to determine whether a customer would be an active partner, and if yes then are there any short coming on the part of the team. This training is mainly designed for the leaders and executives. The main purpose of offering this training is to teach roles, team dynamics and leadership styles.

Some advantages of the Agile management training

There are many advantages for taking a training course on Agile Management. Some of those are as follows:

  • High customer satisfaction: Agile project management teams satisfies their customers by keeping them involved throughout the project.
  • Higher team morale: Self managing teams allows them to be innovative and creative. This helps them to work as a team and learn new skills. Having an agile expert removes the shield from the external interference.
  • Customized team structures: Due to the limited size of the development teams, 5-9 people can handle agile projects and have multiple scrum teams for on project.